HC Ep. 4 “Independence Day”

I’m happy to not only speak of July 4th, but the best reason to hear some music from John Philip Sousa. I hope you enjoy the history of our independence.

Have a Happy 4th of July!!

DOWNLOAD: Holiday Cheer Episode 4 – “Independence Day”

– Visit the John Philip Sousa Timeline at the Library of Congress website: Here
– To download your own free collection of Sousa works, you can visit: Here
– To listen and download more tunes by Sousa, please visit: Here

ZT Ep. 2 “Hearing the Sound”

DOWNLOAD: ZerbinTUNES Ep. 2 “Hearing the Sound”

Thanks to my buddy Alvin Schutmaat for such a great interview. Thanks to my granddaughter for such a great laugh. Take a listen and enjoy the second episode of ZerbinTUNES!

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MMC Ep. 2 “Coming to America”

DOWNLOAD: My Movie Collection Ep. 2 “Coming to America”

My special guest: Tim Goodall
Or as we like to call him... "Timmy Tim"

Watch the movie: “Coming to America

Music from MMC Ep. 2: “Soul Glo” Cover – Otis

HC Ep. 3 “Father’s Day”

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I speak of the history of “Father’s Day” and yap a bit about my father. And now I am a grandfather. How time flies. Happy Father’s Day!

DOWNLOAD: Holiday Cheer Episode 3 – ”Father’s Day”

Music from HC Ep. 3: “When You Go” – Jonathan Coulton

ZT Ep. 1 “From the Top”

DOWNLOAD: ZerbinTUNES Ep. 1 “From the Top”

The first episode of “ZerbinTUNES” podcast. Tonight I had the pleasure of interviewing and playing the music of Mr. Arno Ceres, along with the music of his band “Silent Birds”.  Please take some time to visit his VideoSongs Blog, and visit his other sites below. Enjoy!

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