SW Ep. 1 “The House”

DOWNLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 1 “The House”

I’ve decided to share some of the “Ghost Stories” I’ve written through the years. Enjoy episode one of “Spider Webs”. History can repeat itself as you will hear in my first story titled, “The House”.

ZT Ep. 4 “Retro Games for PeacHy”

DOWNLOAD: ZerbinTUNES Ep. 4 “Retro Games for PeacHy”

This week, I bring 8-bit music to your ears with the best of the best. I have the great pleasure of interviewing 8-bit musician and composer, Mr. PeacHy Moonshine. I go down my list of 8-bit music from the NES, and I also have the great pleasure of having “The Retroist” go down his list of his favorite 8-bit music from retro video games. All this and a very entertaining “Sound Story” to boot!

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ZT Ep. 3 “Manny Radio”

DOWNLOAD: ZerbinTUNES Ep. 3 “Manny Radio”

Episode 3 of ZerbinTUNES is a tribute to one of my closest musical and dear friends, Mr. Manolis Moumouzias. I share some of his greatest hits, and some great times I’ve had with him in the past. Including a brand new interview.

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