PSB Ep. 1 “Debating Podcasting”


DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 1 “Debating Podcasting”

Kev ‘n Joe are back in the studio for another attempt at podcasting together. We discuss literally nothing and everything all at once. Yes, the two great mumblers bring you their views on things that we should discuss for reasons surrounding a day off and Joe’s beer. Enjoy!


ZT Ep. 6 “A Tribute to Wade Denning”

DOWNLOAD: ZerbinTUNES Ep. 6 “A Tribute to Wade Denning”

This is my “Halloween” episode of ZerbinTUNES. For this episode, I share with you my favorite sound effect and ghost story albums all created by one man,
Mr. Wade Denning.

Take time to visit my guests:
Mr. Doug McCoy from “McCoyCast” 
and Ms. Lisa Sumner from “Just Cool Records“.