HC Ep. 7 “Thanksgiving”

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DOWNLOAD: Holiday Cheer Ep. 7 “Thanksgiving”

This week I speak of Thanks and Giving. Together they make a wonderful holiday. Background music: “Thanksgiving Meditation” by Colie Brice ( www.myspace.com/coliebrice )

SW Ep. 11 “Countdown”

DOWNLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 11 “Countdown”

This week I tell a story of time running out. What would you do when you know the inevitable. Would you bother trying to survive, or give up? Enjoy!

PSB Ep. 3 “The Grim Truth”


DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 3 “The Grim Truth”

Joe and I discuss how he hates his new puppy, my new old video game, our thoughts on voting for hemp, and then I play a song about punching! What a grim show!


PSB Ep. 2 “Three for Thee”


DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 2 Three for Thee

My mother came for a visit, so I gave her a mic and she felt right at home. Come visit as we discuss population, X-Wing fighters, and the Korg Monotron. Enjoy!