“Hallorcistville Horror 2013 Halloween Treat”

DOWNLOAD: “Hallorcistville Horror 2013 Halloween Treat”

This is a cover of horror movie themes I recorded back in 2010. I remixed and remastered the tune this past week for you to enjoy. Happy Halloween everyone!

SW Ep. 28 “The Haunted Tunnel”

DOWNLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 28 “The Haunted Tunnel”

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Tonight’s story is wrapped in a nice Halloweeny nougat coating. Enjoy!

GRWS Ep. 3 “Underwear”

DOWNLOAD: GRWS Ep. 3 “Underwear”

This episode is quite uneventful news wise. We were in a rush to take me (Zerbinator) out on a date, even though we’re married. We were rushing a  bit and couldn’t find too much by the way of news, but it was fun!

SW Ep. 27 “Lost and Found”

DOWNLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 27 “Lost and Found”

It was late into the night when my car broke down. Somewhere deep in the hill’s of northern Maryland is where tonight’s story takes place. A creepy tale of judgment and decision. Enjoy!