GRWS Ep. 2 “Useless Banter”


DOWNLOAD: GRWS Ep. 2 “Useless Banter”

Welcome to episode 2 of “Getting Ready with Shell. This show seems to be a hit with some of you whom replied with emails and questions for the show. Thanks for listening to my wife share her thoughts on nonsense. Bless ya! Enjoy episode 2 titled: “Useless Banter”.

Lookit! Ep. 7 “The Ghosts of Halloweens Past”

DOWNLOAD: Lookit! Ep. 7 “The Ghosts of Halloweens Past”

The 1st “Lookit!” Halloween special. I’ve chosen some clips of past podcast we’ve done over the years during the Halloween season to share with all of you. I hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane. Enjoy!

MMC Ep. 8 Trick or Treat(s) (1982, 1986)

DOWNLOAD: MMC Ep. 8 Trick or Treat(s) (1982, 1986)

My buddy Doug McCoy of “McCoyCast” ( joins me as we discuss two movies: Trick or Treats (1982), and Trick or Treat (1986). We discuss our thoughts on the movies along with our “Halloweenishness” rating for the season. Enjoy!

My special guest: Doug McCoy

Doug’s Sites:  
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Getting Ready With Shell Ep. 1 “Junk”

DOWNLOAD: GRWS Episode 1 “Junk”

Our 1st episode of “Getting Ready with Shell”. Listen as my wife Shelly gets ready behind her vanity mirror discussing whatever semi-hot topics we can find… and answering YOUR Facebook questions! This is a pop culture podcast about everything and nothing at once! Enjoy!