80-89 Ep. 5 “October 31st, 1980”

DOWNLOAD: 80-89 Ep. 5 “October 31st, 1980”

Happy Halloween! Listen as I cover news, music, and movies for Halloween 1980. I also have Doug McCoy over at the house to discuss Halloween’s past. Enjoy!!


SW Ep. 31 “All Hallows Eve”

DOWNLOAD: SW Ep. 31 “All Hallows Eve”

This is the “2nd Annual Spider Webs Halloween Special” for 2014. I am so excited for candy, costumes, witches, and ghouls that I can’t even breath! I am passing out as I type! I ghy so excted tand whcfoiurb soihrbd,jsbn,.,,.m,……h….?


Throwback Reviews: A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Here is this weeks episode of Throwback Reviews Podcast. This week we discuss the evil of one Mr. Freddy Krueger. Be sure to enjoy just in time for Halloween! It’s FREE!

DOWNLOAD: TBR – A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)


SW Ep. 30 “Sticks and Stones”

DONWLOAD: Spider Webs Ep. 30 “Sticks and Stones”

This week I tell you a story of two little children who seem to have some trouble. They always get into some trouble. It’s up to a young man to try to solve the problems with the help of a neighbor. Does he help, or hinder? Enjoy!




80-89 Ep. 4 “September 15th, 1980”

DOWNLOAD: 80-89 Ep. 4 “September 15th, 1980”

This week I am a little late, but I got it done. Hopefully October will be on time. I discuss all the new and entertainment from the month of September 1980. Enjoy!