Neon Vice “Zerbitron” Album Review

Thank you so much to Mr. Paul Daly of “Neon Vice” for giving my “Zerbitron – Summer Memories” album an amazing review! I am floored by his kindness and appreciation for the music.

2 October, 2014

This last week of September has been full of more heat than any other. I thought Summer was over but apparently not. As much as I hated this past week one thing that came out of it was an artist full of Summer influenced beats to compliment the sun beating down on my skin before we go full on horror as we enter the Fall season. This artist happened to be Zerbinator with his “Summer Memories” release having each track appropriately named after a year from the 80’s. You’ll be whisked into a land full of nostalgic sentiment and awe-inspiring synth as we take a ride with Zerbinator through the 80’s. The first track appropriately entitled “Summer 80 (Rocking Out)” is one hell of a song straight from the beginning. The intro begins with some great drum fills that sound completely authentic and the stabbing synths set up the 80’s style. An absolute sweet build in drums brings us into the main melody of the track that is full of marvelous synth pads and spine-tingling guitar licks. Zerbinator did exactly what he set out to do and that is make some absolutely stupendous tracks based on a nostalgic time period but with a lot of his own flair that sets him apart from other Synthwave artists. Something about the staggering breakdown two thirds into the track is absolutely overwhelming and then the move into the remarkable finale needs to be heard to be believed. Through and through this is one song that is full of a lot of different melodies and fire that I haven’t heard in a newcomer, and we still got plenty of other tracks ahead of us. “Summer 82 (Arlington, VA)” is when things start to get a bit more on the romantic side. The opening sets the tone for this passionate track as we are flown off back to the time of 80’s Summer where it was only about you and the cutie pie you spent the days with and the nights thinking about. The cosmic guitar riffs roll in and you’re streamlined on the road for greatness with Zerbinator as your guide through the neon lights. The glamorous break that occurs in the track is quite mysterious then before you know it your hit with an onslaught of tender and erotic guitar melodies to close out this dreamy track. We move onto the next year of the 80’s “Summer 83 (Guitar Practice)”. Let’s just say this is one piece full of whimsical guitar melodies and solos all over the place that will make your head spin due to the awesomeness. Once again the drums are something to behold that come with funk-tastic rhythms and bodacious fills. You can definitely tell this is a heavy experimental track for the Synthwave style but it is one that captures all the right aspects of the 80’s period in a way that it almost feels as if it was made directly in that time. The astonishing production quality and upbeat style of this piece set it out from many other tracks and once again the jamming guitar solo hits all the right notes. 

A personal favorite of mine “Summer 86 (Why Wont She Call)” begins with a glossy lead and some drums that are quite Jan Hammer-esque. Then a stylish arpeggio lead hops in that reminds us what 80’s romance was all about, that being excitement and passion. Zerbinator goes all out in those categories for this track with eccentric leads and outlandish drums that sound surrealistic. Also included is a serene drum solo with a velvety bass to compliment as we near the end of the track but our producer doesn’t forget what makes this piece so remarkable as he hops back into the phenomenal arpeggio lead that will be stuck in your head for days. The final track I’d love to discuss is “Summer 88 (Evening Drive)”. I had to include the one directly influenced driving piece as I am always constantly in need of such songs. Now I have another perfect one to add to my “Driving Into The Sunset” playlist. The quaint opening sets the course for an amorous drive by the beach to end the day before the night takes way. A stimulating arpeggio then kicks in on top of a peregrine bass that nestles together in all the right ways. An extrinsic synth lead comes in that just sounds completely exotic. Not letting this lead escape for a moment, Zerbinator knows that the listener needs a large dosage of it by exploiting some stupendous stabs and astounding synth pads to blow the listener completely away. All leading up to an entrancing ending that is just as tender as the opening that brought us on this drive. Zerbinator is one artist that I am just completely blown away by. His production quality and style with synth as well as guitar is something that you must perceive. Already hitting the Synthwave scene strong with this release I am quite excited to see what he may be cooking up but one thing I know for sure is that it will have plenty of 80’s glamor and I doubt that is something you’d want to miss out on if you’re reading this. Give Zerbinator a follow on Soundcloud and check out his release “Summer Memories” it will full your heart with plenty of nostalgia.

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