PSB Ep. 14 “Visiting Rights”

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 14 “Visiting Rights”

I finally got to meet my wonderful cohort, FERG!! What a great time we had! Tonight, we play clips of our visit to a diner in Middletown, CT. We also discuss the latest news, music, and movies, along with in studio visits from Donald Trump, Norm McDonald, and Hulk Hogan!

MUSIC BY: Eric “EROCK” Calderone – 

TOMS Ep. 1 “Introduction”

DOWNLOAD: TOMS Ep. 1 “Introduction”

Welcome to an introductory episode of “The Open Minded Skeptic”. In this podcast, Phil and Zerb discuss everything from ghost and specters, to conspiracy’s… and even Bigfoot’s! Just give a call to the show (571-408 ZERB or 9372) with your stories and tales and we shall discuss and diagnose what we hear and share them with the audience. Enjoy!!

ZHN Ep. 5 “Cabin in the Woods”

DOWNLOAD: ZHN Ep. 5 “Cabin in the Woods”

Mike G. and Zerb speak of the soon to be a cult classic, “Cabin in the Woods”. This is a very busy film with twists and turns, along with coverage of almost any and every horror film in the genre. A very cool and homage paid film that was fun to explain. Hope you enjoy!

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