PSB Ep. 20 “Merry Christmas Special”


DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 20 “Merry Christmas Special”

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Please Stand By! We discuss abusive Christmas Music with Ben Carson, our “Christmas Vacation” DVD give away with Morgan Freeman, all sorts of Christmas music, Christmas Ornaments, Roku, movies, and much, much more!

Music by: David Fesliyan – “Goodbye, My Friend” (During the Freeman segment)

LIHI Ep. 1 “Star Wars”

LOH Main 700 x 340

DOWNLOAD: LIHI Ep. 1 “Star Wars”

Welcome to episode one of the “Luvit or Hãtit” podcast!
This week Mr. Matt Lappie and I discuss “Star Wars” and it’s legacy. I’d like to thank Matt for joining me as my permanent cohost, and I would like to thank Mr. Jack Furman for his artwork for our MP3 Cover Art! Enjoy our new show!

Music By: EROCK – Star Wars Meets Metal

The video Matt was discussing concerning the Jar Jar Sith Lord: