PP Ep. 3 “Springish”

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Recorded on St. Patrick’s Day, Phil and I have a bunch of goodies from phone calls to Mark Rubio and Dr. Ben Carson, to a phone call from Taylor Swift! We also talk about our “Rant’s in our Pants!”, and we yap about the Facebook Sidebar! Enjoy!!

PSB Ep. 25 “Kinda Easter Special”


DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 25 “Kinda Easter Special”

Happy Easter!! We kinda discuss some Easter goodies, along with chatting up some news about The Hulkster, The Bunnyman Massacre movie, Ferg’s Babcia, and A&W’s Rooty the Bear! Enjoy!

PP Ep. 2 “Guess Who I Found?”

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DOWNLOAD: PP Ep. 2 “Guess Who I Found?”

This week Mr. Christopher Tupa (http://www.ctupa.com) joins us to complain about things that are really not that complainable. We speak of pretentious people, places, and things! Phil lets loose, Tupa gets fired up, and Zerb gets silly. We also interview Tupa. Fun!


LOEP Ep. 1 “Tupa’s Topics”

DOWNLOAD: LOEP Ep. 1 “Tupa’s Topics” Welcome to our first episode of “The League of Extraordinary Podcasters”. We are six extraordinary podcasters have come to the tab…

Source: LOEP Ep. 1 “Tupa’s Topics”

TOMS Ep. 5 “Possession”

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DOWNLOAD: TOMS Ep. 5 “Possession”

Tonight we discuss the topic of possession. We are joined by our special guest, Mr. Christopher Tupa (http://www.ctupa.com) who helps us chat about some thoughts and ideas about this topic. If you have any thoughts or topics you wish to discuss, please don’t hesitate to call us: 571-408-ZERB or 9372.