PSB Ep. 27 “Onions and Chives”


DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 27 “Onions and Chives”

Welcome to Ep. 27 of PSB! This show has tons of goodness! We have 3 and a half winners for Morgan Freeman’s DVD giveaway, and visits from Joe Supresci! We also get to hear RAP! ENJOY!!

Also, here’s the Easter Egg link for Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!

80-89 Ep. 17 “March 31, 1982”

DOWNLOAD: 80-89 March 31, 1982″

Today, Mr. John Powers called in to help me run down the news, entertainment, and technology of life here in March of 1982! THANK YOU JOHN!! Be sure to listen to his angelic voice as he helps me sing the latest hits for the week of March 31st 1982! Enjoy!


PSB Ep. 26 “Spring Boing!”

PSB 700x340

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 26 “Spring Boing!”

We have allergies and a wonderful visit from Ted Cruz. Listen as Ferg looses it about halfway through the show. We discuss sad passing’s, happy doughnut makers, that damn DVD!, and we get phone calls from Morgan Freeman, and Bob Shurmack!! Enjoy!

Bob Shurmack courtesy of: Tube Tunes
Ted Cruz visitation music: “Crossing the Divide” – by Kevin MacLeod

TOMS Ep. 6 “Zombies”

TOMS Logo 1

DOWNLOAD: TOMS Ep. 6 “Zombies”

We speak to you from the Zombie Detainment Facility here in Connecticut. Listen as Phil and I discuss different types of zombie infestations. The scary thing is, all these stories are absolutely true! Let us know if you feel differently by calling:
571-408-ZERB or 9372

Closing music by: Jonathan CoultonRe: You’re Brains