The PSB Video Game!

That’s right! Help yourselves to a “Please Stand By” Video Game! Shoot out all the Zerbs and Fergs you can, and then try to shoot the Sal Lasalles as well! Watch out for the big PSB Boss!


PSB Ep. 84 “Lappiedated”

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 84 “Lappiedated”

Tonight, Mr. Lappie fills in for Ferguson as we trip the night fantastic with notions of death, fame, and the “Price” of fear. Enjoy!

MUSIC BY: Andy Rehfeldt – Facebook I Youtube

80-89 Ep. 26 “June 1984”

DOWNLOAD: 80-89 Ep. 26 “June 1984”

This month, Matt and I cover March, April, May, and June of 1984! We wrap it all up in a bow, and smack it in the ass with all the love and care of a Mack Daddy! Enjoy!