I am excited to pre-announce that I am preparing to set up a streaming channel to be viewable from this site. I’ve been trying to set the cameras, the lights, and all the action just right so you’d want to stay involved and be entertained. This includes streaming my podcasting shows, song writing vids, and “By Request” shows. I’m even hashing out a horror host named “Skully Jones” as we speak. From time to time I will try to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis (Zerb’s Stream to End MS), along with helping people with depression and anxiety through music and musical therapy (NOT A PROFF!!). I won’t charge for viewing any of these streams, but I will be asking for donations once and a blue. I have a long way to go, but I do hope that you can help me on my way. I do have a support section on the sidebar, and if you could help, I would absolutely love your support.

Thank you and enjoy!

“ADITL” Drum Playthrough…

I’ve been upgrading the studio the past year, along with practicing my instruments to become the most incredible musician with MS you’ve ever seen! In doing this I’ve been streaming “Drum Playthrough” videos of my past albums of which are downloadable for free (ALWAYS!!). The MS Society and me are about to embark on some journeys. Enjoy! (P.S. Podcasts will continue soon. Thanks for your patience.)

… and friend me if you wish! More streams weekly if health permits.

Christmas in Quarantine

Merry Christmas’s my friends and family! I hope you enjoy this year’s Christmas Collection of which I am honored to share with you. Everyone was recorded this year by phone, email, messenger, and hope and love. This album was made with the help of Caitlyn Ipock (Vocals) , Kat Royce (Vocals), Kenneth Hamilton (Horns), George Papatheodorou (Everything), and my wife Shelly helping me edit. I also want to thank my great nieces and nephews (Kristopher, Hannah, Latasha, and Isaac!!) for helping out as well. ENJOY!!

My Bruddah’s Birfdeee!!

I asked my brother Brian to pick a tune for me to play drums to for his birthday (10/16), and this is what he picked! Enjoy!

Thanks for watching, and go ahead and give him (Brian) a shout below!

PSB Ep. 96 “YOU DECIDE!!!”

This episode is dedicated to those surviving the COVID with understanding, care, patience, and kindness. Also, in turn; to those bastards coughing and spitting all over people. I’d also like to thank my Mom and Dad, and all the ships at sea. Enjoy!!