ZLL Ep. 1 “Spring Sunday”

Welcome to episode 1 of “Zerb’s Lakeside Lullabies”. These recordings of the outdoors may be used used for relaxation, sleep, study, or just plain listening. Enjoy being lakeside on Sunday in the midst of Spring. 

DOWNLOAD HERE: ZLL Ep. 1 “Spring Sunday”

25 Years of Christmas Music

Ladles and Jellyspoons, it is my upmost pleasure to give you ’25 Years of Christmas Music’ for absolutely free! This year’s Christmas Collection is now 25 years old. I thought it was time to share some songs that were in need of upgrades. Every song on this album has been remixed, remastered, and some even reperformed. The reason is, why not. I love these puppies and I hope you do too. Merry Christmas and Enjoy!!

Listen or download the entire album in one track here:

FNZ Ep. 5 “Christmas Tendencies”

Listen as Ferg and I discuss everything from the new word entrees to the Webster’s for 2021, new segments of ‘Sound Stories’ and ‘Best Scripts’, with Christmasmness and News to go! Enjoy! 

DOWNLOAD HERE: FNZ Ep. 5 “Christmas Tendencies”


STIX Ep. 1 “Xmas Music”

DOWNLOAD HERE: STIX Ep. 1 “Xmas Music”

Welcome to the first episode of STIX! Please enjoy as Sean and I record ourselves while discussing our favorite Christmasical topics. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


This is so late… the dog ate our show! HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEENZ! Enjoy as Ferg and I discuss Halloweenies, get a visit from ”Kermit” and the cast of ”SMARTLESS”, and a wellness check in as I lose my mind 🙂 ENJOY!

DOWNLOAD HERE: FNZ Ep. 4 “Uberlater Halloween Special”