This is so late… the dog ate our show! HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEENZ! Enjoy as Ferg and I discuss Halloweenies, get a visit from ”Kermit” and the cast of ”SMARTLESS”, and a wellness check in as I lose my mind 🙂 ENJOY!

DOWNLOAD HERE: FNZ Ep. 4 “Uberlater Halloween Special”

The F’nZ Show Ep. 2 “Punching Norm’s Puppies”

This show was actually recorded over a month ago and I had lost it. Now found, this show covers the passing of the late great Norm McDonald, Ferg and I getting into a fight, and the lifespan of different sized dogs. Enjoy!!

DOWNLOAD HERE: The F’nZ Show Ep. 2 “Punching Norm’s Puppies”

Zerb’s Blerbs Ep. 3 “Zerb’s Halloween Party”

DOWNLOAD HERE: ZB Ep. 3 “Zerb’s Halloween Party”

I loved doing this! Thanks all who watched on Twitch and Facebook LIVE! I hope you enjoy streamed! This is audio from my live stream over at the www.zerbinator.com under “Zerbinator Land“.  More Blerb’s coming soon!


JL Ep. 3 Music and Stories LIVE

Welcome to episode 3 of “Jack’s Lantern”! Do to the fact I haven’t had time again to get with Matt and record, I decided to make up for it by performing music and stories LIVE on Facebook at 9:30pm, 10.22.21. In that 40 minutes of entertainment, I thought… record this and make it ep. three.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Jack’s Lantern Ep. 3 “Music and Stories LIVE”


Jack’s Lantern Ep. 2 “Costumes, Tricks, and Treats”

Sit and enjoy as we try to explain the then’s and now’s of Halloween past and Halloweens present.

DOWNLOAD HERE: JL Ep.2 “Costumes, Tricks and Treats”