Lookit! Ep. 11 “70’s Halloween Records”


DOWNLOAD: Lookit! Ep. 11 “70’s Halloween Records”

Happy Halloween!! Listen as Mr. Lappie and I go down our top 10 most favorite Halloween records of all time! We hope everyone enjoys some nostalgia, and has a wonderful Halloween Season!

Our Halloween Records List:

Matt’s List:

Zerb’s List:



Dumb Things – Libraries

DOWNLOAD: Dumb Things – Libraries

Doug and I meet in the Ohio ERC to talk about dumb things we did in libraries.  I also give a laundry list of all the wonderful books I found and read in the library.
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LOOKit! Ep. 8 “Merlin – The Electronic Wizard”

DOWNLOAD: LOOKit! Ep. 8 “Merlin – The Electronic Wizard”

Today I have the upmost pleasure of interviewing the inventor of “Merlin – The Electronic Wizard” from 1978, Mr. Bob Doyle!

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We discuss the in’s and out’s of the game system, along with some work that Mr. Doyle has accomplished over the years. I give you some history and information of the game itself, along with the 2nd edition that came out in 1995. Enjoy!

Visit Mr. Bob Doyle here: http://www.informationphilosopher.com
Play Merlin – The Electronic Wizard here: http://theelectronicwizard.com/

TupaCast Ep. 1 “Movie Soundtracks”

I had an absolute blast recording with Sean Johnson as guests on “TupaCast“! Christopher Tupa already owns the art world, now he’s taking over podcasting!! Enjoy Ep. 1 titled “Movie Soundtracks”!

DOWNLOAD: TupaCast Ep. 1 “Movie Soundtracks”

Dumb Things – Trains

I am very proud being part of Doug McCoy’s new adventure in podcasting. I am co-host of his “The Dumb Things I did When I Was A Kid” podcast. Come along as we spill our stories of dumb things we did as kids!

DOWNLOAD: “Dumb Things – Trains”

You can find all of Doug’s shows over at McCoyCast.