80-89 Ep. 24 Jan 1984

DOWNLOAD: 80-89 Ep. 24 Jan 1984

Tonight Matt and I discuss music, news, and movies from life here in January of 1984! We also sing our top ten singles for January 1984 as well. Enjoy!!

PSB Ep. 29 “Belated Mother’s Day”

PSB 700x340

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 29 “Belated Mother’s Day”

Tonight, Ferg and I talk to my mother! Then we thank Kevin McLaughlin profusely!! And then we go over gender, urinals, Atari movies, the F word – A LOT, an awesome call from Sal LaSalle, a visit from Sarah, shower dancing music, and lastly, Randy Scouse Git! Enjoy!

PSB Ep. 16 “Summer’s Over”

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 16 “Summer’s Over”

This week, we were able to have an interview with Sarah Palin ; ) – We also talk with Arnold about his new job, we discuss music with Ringo, and enjoy exciting goodies, movies, news, and a little show & tell. Enjoy!!

80-89 Ep. 14 “July 30th 1981”

DOWNLOAD: 80-89 Ep. 14 “July 30th, 1981”

Tonight I have a good friend and listener, Mr. Matt Lappie via telephone to help with tonight’s journal. Also Ferg stops by the studio to help me with the “Atari Game of the Month” while Doug is on vacation. Enjoy!

80 to 89 Ep. 13 June 30th, 1981

DOWNLOAD: 80 to 89 Ep. 13 June 30th, 1981

YEAY!! One year of my 80-89 journals and my co-host is my very good buddy, Doug McCoy (https://mccoycast.wordpress.com/) ! This month we discuss all the news, music, and movies of June 1981… and even have some Show & Tell for you too! Enjoy!