PSB Ep. 30 “Not Funny”


DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 30 “Not Funny”

Tonight Ferg and I talk about Pizza Robots, Sexy Fergojisan, how fat we are, Nescafe, the new Monkees album, we get a call from Curly, we get a short call from Michael Strahan and a great call from Bob Shurmack. We also get a visit from Kermit the frog!!! Enjoy!

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PSB Ep. 26 “Spring Boing!”

PSB 700x340

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 26 “Spring Boing!”

We have allergies and a wonderful visit from Ted Cruz. Listen as Ferg looses it about halfway through the show. We discuss sad passing’s, happy doughnut makers, that damn DVD!, and we get phone calls from Morgan Freeman, and Bob Shurmack!! Enjoy!

Bob Shurmack courtesy of: Tube Tunes
Ted Cruz visitation music: “Crossing the Divide” – by Kevin MacLeod