80 to 89 Ep. 2 “July 15th, 1980”

DOWNLOAD: 80 to 89 Ep. 2 “July 15th, 1980”

This is the second installment of my audio journals for July 1980. This month I discuss the massive heat wave across our country. I also speak of the coolest movies, music, and current events of the past month. I am proud to announce that this show along with “Lookit!” are now a part of the “Throwback Network“! Special thanks to Doug McCoy (mccoycast.wordpress.com) and Sean Johnson (throwbackreviews.com) for joining me on this journal! All music performed by the very talented MANOLIS.

80 to 89 Ep. 1 “June 15th 1980”

Click to download "80-89 Ep. 1 June 15th, 1980"

DOWNLOAD: 80 to 89 Ep. 1 “June 15th 1980”

Welcome to my first journal covering the 1980’s. In this cassette recording, I cover our next candidate for president, some of the coolest new music, an awesome movie starring Jack Nicolson, and my buddy Doug talks to me about “Space Invaders”. I also have my wife with me to discuss “Future Predictions”. This is my first journal, and I would love to hear what you think! Enjoy!