PAP Ep. 14 “Lost and Found”

Click to download: PAP Ep. 13 "SLC and The Bible

DOWNLOAD: PAP Ep. 14 “Lost and Found”

Tonight, Doug and I discuss my issues of which have hindered my faith enough for me to discuss them. Doug helps me out, again, in the name of God. Thank you God, and thank you Doug! Enjoy!

PAP Ep. 13 “SLC and the Bible”

Click to download: PAP Ep. 13 "SLC and The Bible

DOWNLOAD: PAP Ep. 13 “SLC and the Bible”

For this episode, Doug and I speak of being a “Strict Literal Christian”, and we talk about taking the bible literally. This episode is very literal with it’s liturgically literature, and the logistics of the litany in literation. Enjoy!

PAP Ep. 9 “Ash Wednesday”


DOWNLOAD: PAP Ep. 9 “Ash Wednesday”

Listen as Pastor Doug and I discuss his experience with the Catholic Church, and my experience missing Ash Wednesday service.

PAP Ep. 4 “Church”


DOWNLOAD: PAP Ep. 4 “Church”

Doug and I discuss the importance of going to church on time. Like Bowie said, “Terrifies me, makes me party, puts my trust in God and man.” Enjoy!

Music: Oh Come Emmanuel – Zerbinator