TC Ep. 1 “Logan 2017”


DOWNLOAD: TC Ep. 1 “Logan 2017”

It’s our first episode of TheaterCast, Louis and I speak of the 2017 film “Logan”. We dissect, mention, recall, and spoil the heck out of this film. Sit back and enjoy our first of many episodes discussing films with Louis and Zerb!

PSB Ep. 17 “Game Show”

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 17 “Game Show”

A special edition of “Please Stand By” where you could win a copy of “Young Frankenstein” on DVD! Just play along with Ferg naming the two TV tunes he couldn’t guess in the game show, send the names to us via email ( or tell us by calling: 571-408-ZERB (9372) and the first one to guess correctly wins! Enjoy and good luck!

Tupa’s Artwork for Halloween
Chicken Pop Pod
The Halloween Haunt

MMC Ep. 6 “The Nutty Professor”

DOWNLOAD: My Movie Collection Ep. 6 “The Nutty Professor”

My special guest: Caitydid

Jerry sings “Old Black Magic”…

MMC Ep. 5 “Night of the Living Dead”

DOWNLOAD: My Movie Collection Ep. 5 “Night of the Living Dead”

My special guest: Doug McCoy

Doug’s Sites:
Author Doug McCoy

Watch the movie: “Night of the Living Dead”