ZR Ep. 2 “Michael Jackson”

For Doc

DOWNLOAD: Zerbinator’s Retrovarian Ep. 2 “Michael Jackson”

I am honored to have a fellow podcaster, artist, and bass player with me tonight. Join my cohost, Mr. Jeff DeMarco and myself as we discuss the history, life, and music of Michael Jackson. Enjoy!

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All theme and segment music written, performed, and provided by Jon Beckett.
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PSB Ep. 30 “Not Funny”


DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 30 “Not Funny”

Tonight Ferg and I talk about Pizza Robots, Sexy Fergojisan, how fat we are, Nescafe, the new Monkees album, we get a call from Curly, we get a short call from Michael Strahan and a great call from Bob Shurmack. We also get a visit from Kermit the frog!!! Enjoy!

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