HC Ep. 7 “Thanksgiving”

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This week I speak of Thanks and Giving. Together they make a wonderful holiday. Background music: “Thanksgiving Meditation” by Colie Brice ( www.myspace.com/coliebrice )

HC Ep. 6 “Halloween”

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Tonight we discuss one of my three favorites, Halloween. My special guest for tonights show is none other than the epitome of haunts, the Halloween Haunter from the Halloween Haunt Podcast! ( halloweenhaunt.wordpress.com ) Enjoy!

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HC Ep. 5 “Labor Day”

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This week, I speak of the history of Labor Day.
And please remember not to wear white while listening to this episode. Thank you.
Music by “The Dead Rocks” ( www.deadrocks.com.br )

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HC Ep. 4 “Independence Day”

I’m happy to not only speak of July 4th, but the best reason to hear some music from John Philip Sousa. I hope you enjoy the history of our independence.

Have a Happy 4th of July!!

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– Visit the John Philip Sousa Timeline at the Library of Congress website: Here
– To download your own free collection of Sousa works, you can visit: Here
– To listen and download more tunes by Sousa, please visit: Here

HC Ep. 3 “Father’s Day”

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I speak of the history of “Father’s Day” and yap a bit about my father. And now I am a grandfather. How time flies. Happy Father’s Day!

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Music from HC Ep. 3: “When You Go” – Jonathan Coulton