SW-OTR Ep. 3 “Lights Out – Chicken Heart”

DOWNLOAD: SW-OTR Ep. 3 “Lights Out – Chicken Heart”

Welcome to episode 3 of “Spider Webs – OTR”. Tonight Skully drips all over all floor as he plays you the most classic of OTR’s, “Lights Out – Chicken Heart”. Listen how a simple scientific test results in a HUGE mistake! Beware of the Chicken Heart!

Commercials: Current Geek and The Canman Show.

SW-OTR Ep. 1 “Lights Out – The Dark”

My first episode of “Spider Webs – Old Time Radio” is now up for your listening ears.
I introduce to you my host / co-host, Mr. Skully Jones whom you might remember from episode 17 of Spider Webs as “The Narrator” .

Enjoy this one of hopefully many OTR’s in the horror genre!

DOWNLOAD: SW-OTR Ep. 1 “Lights Out – The Dark”

Commercial: Saturday Fright’s