PAP Ep. 8 “Reincarnation”


DOWNLOADPAP Ep. 8 “Reincarnation”

This week, Doug and I discuss “Reincarnation” and how it applies to our belief’s and existence here in God’s world. Enjoy!

80 to 89 Ep. 13 June 30th, 1981

DOWNLOAD: 80 to 89 Ep. 13 June 30th, 1981

YEAY!! One year of my 80-89 journals and my co-host is my very good buddy, Doug McCoy ( ! This month we discuss all the news, music, and movies of June 1981… and even have some Show & Tell for you too! Enjoy!

Dumb Things – Trains

I am very proud being part of Doug McCoy’s new adventure in podcasting. I am co-host of his “The Dumb Things I did When I Was A Kid” podcast. Come along as we spill our stories of dumb things we did as kids!

DOWNLOAD: “Dumb Things – Trains”

You can find all of Doug’s shows over at McCoyCast.

80 to 89 Ep. 2 “July 15th, 1980”

DOWNLOAD: 80 to 89 Ep. 2 “July 15th, 1980”

This is the second installment of my audio journals for July 1980. This month I discuss the massive heat wave across our country. I also speak of the coolest movies, music, and current events of the past month. I am proud to announce that this show along with “Lookit!” are now a part of the “Throwback Network“! Special thanks to Doug McCoy ( and Sean Johnson ( for joining me on this journal! All music performed by the very talented MANOLIS.

MMC Ep. 8 Trick or Treat(s) (1982, 1986)

DOWNLOAD: MMC Ep. 8 Trick or Treat(s) (1982, 1986)

My buddy Doug McCoy of “McCoyCast” ( joins me as we discuss two movies: Trick or Treats (1982), and Trick or Treat (1986). We discuss our thoughts on the movies along with our “Halloweenishness” rating for the season. Enjoy!

My special guest: Doug McCoy

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