GRWS Ep. 10 “Fun With Family”

DOWNLOAD: GRWS Ep. 10 “Fun With Family”

We haven’t recorded a “Getting Ready With Shell” in quite a while. Marriage seems to do that to podcasting… oh wait, she’s in the show… I don’t know why it took so long. We recorded this one in Maryland on our way back to VA to pick up some belongings. We stopped by Mother’s to visit family and hit record whilst we were there. After much family reconfiguration, this is what recorded. We sound crass, but we do love each other. Enjoy!

PSB Ep. 2 “Three for Thee”


DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 2 Three for Thee

My mother came for a visit, so I gave her a mic and she felt right at home. Come visit as we discuss population, X-Wing fighters, and the Korg Monotron. Enjoy!