TBR: “Weekend At Bernie’s” (1989)

DOWNLOAD: TBR: “Weekend At Bernie’s” (1989)

On this episode the guys talk about the 1989 smash hit Weekend at Bernie’s. We’ll find out just what the guys thought of this movie 26 years later. So sit back, make yourself a stiff drink (you may need it) and enjoy the return of Sean, Rob & Zerb.

TBR: A L I E N (1979)

DOWNLOAD: TBR “A L I E N (1979)”

On this episode the guys return from a 2 month trip from space to talk about the 1979 classic staring the wonderful Sigourney Weaver .

Throwback Reviews: The Bad News Bears (1976)

DOWNLOAD: TBR Bad News Bears (1976)

On this weeks episode Sean, Rob, and Zerb talk about the 1976 All American Classic “The Bad News Bears” starring Walter Matthau and Tatum O’Neal.

JAWS on Throwback Reviews Podcast

I was lucky enough to recorded a show with two fine gentlemen from “Throwback Reviews Podcast” titled Jaws with Kevin Zerbe aka “Zerbinator”. I enjoyed every minute gabbing with my new pod buddies Sean Johnson and Rob O’Hara.


Much thanks goes to the hosts of Throwback Reviews and Throwback Network! Click to listen or download here: Jaws with Kevin Zerbe aka “Zerbinator”.