PSB Ep. 47 “Fone Ferg”

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DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 47 “Fone Ferg”

Tonight, Ferg and I had to resort to a telephone call episode due to the fact that:
A. I had forgotten to hit record the night we could connect over the internet.
2. The internet was down due to the 70 country hack.

PSB Ep. 27 “Onions and Chives”


DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 27 “Onions and Chives”

Welcome to Ep. 27 of PSB! This show has tons of goodness! We have 3 and a half winners for Morgan Freeman’s DVD giveaway, and visits from Joe Supresci! We also get to hear RAP! ENJOY!!

Also, here’s the Easter Egg link for Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!

PSB Ep. 11 “Eye Dee 4”

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 11 “Eye Dee 4”

Today, Mr. Trump comes by for a visit! We discuss our favorite news, movies, and exciting goodies for the past week. We also try to call Aimee Mann! Enjoy!

PSB Ep. 8 “Dzień Dobry”

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 8 “Dzień Dobry”

Tonight we discuss our Easter, our thoughts on the passing of Mrs. Lennon, the selling of Burt’s Pontiac, our movies we saw, Show & Tell, and we go chipmunk! Not to mention… DYNGUS DAY! YEAY! Enjoy!

Music by: Chuck Shumann & Trevor Bennett – LEADERSHIP
Holiday Information: Dyngus Day