PSB Ep. 34 “Poke Da Man”

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DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 34 “Poke Da Man”

In this episode Ferg and I speak of camping, Pokemon, Strange Things, and Jocelyn sings to Pern. Sal LaSalle calls in and speaks of his adventures! We also have visits from Hilary, Clint, Morgan, and we sing like Hagar! Enjoy!

PSB Ep. 29 “Belated Mother’s Day”

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DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 29 “Belated Mother’s Day”

Tonight, Ferg and I talk to my mother! Then we thank Kevin McLaughlin profusely!! And then we go over gender, urinals, Atari movies, the F word – A LOT, an awesome call from Sal LaSalle, a visit from Sarah, shower dancing music, and lastly, Randy Scouse Git! Enjoy!