OT Ep. 3 “Fear of Failure – Success”

DOWNLOAD: OT Ep. 3 “Fear of Failure – Success

Tonight, Mr. Sean Johnson joins me for this episode on the fear of failure, and the fear of success. This is something we all struggle with from time to time when it comes to decision making, or achieving goals. Enjoy!

PSB Ep. 10 “Flashing Back”

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 10 “Flashing Back”

I had an absolute blast recording Ep.10 of “Please Stand By” with my buddy Ferguson! Please enjoy, please endure, and please stand by as we discuss the movie “Kung Fury“, my buddy’s music at iamMANOLIS, and an interview that my buddy Sean Johnson had with Diz Runs! Enjoy!

Sean Johnson’s Interview: http://www.dizruns.com/tag/sean-Johnson/
Undercover Colors: http://www.undercovercolors.com/
Movies (Kung Fury): http://www.kungfury.com/
Music (Manolis Moumouzias): http://iammanolis.com/

TBR: “Weekend At Bernie’s” (1989)

DOWNLOAD: TBR: “Weekend At Bernie’s” (1989)

On this episode the guys talk about the 1989 smash hit Weekend at Bernie’s. We’ll find out just what the guys thought of this movie 26 years later. So sit back, make yourself a stiff drink (you may need it) and enjoy the return of Sean, Rob & Zerb.

TupaCast Ep. 1 “Movie Soundtracks”

I had an absolute blast recording with Sean Johnson as guests on “TupaCast“! Christopher Tupa already owns the art world, now he’s taking over podcasting!! Enjoy Ep. 1 titled “Movie Soundtracks”!

DOWNLOAD: TupaCast Ep. 1 “Movie Soundtracks”

TBR: A L I E N (1979)

DOWNLOAD: TBR “A L I E N (1979)”

On this episode the guys return from a 2 month trip from space to talk about the 1979 classic staring the wonderful Sigourney Weaver .