PSB Ep. 21 “A Very Belated New Years Special”

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DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 21 “A Very Belated New Years Special”

Join us as we celebrate New Years late with our buddy and special guest, Mr. Phil Amico! In this episode we discuss the Powerball, Star Wars, Sal LaSalle, celebrity passing’s, the Walken Bros., And even Morgan Freeman comes by for a visit! Enjoy!

This show is dedicated to Mr. Kevin McLaughlin for all of his kindness and generosity!

And thanks to Mr. Sal LaSalle!!

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LIHI Ep. 1 “Star Wars”

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DOWNLOAD: LIHI Ep. 1 “Star Wars”

Welcome to episode one of the “Luvit or Hãtit” podcast!
This week Mr. Matt Lappie and I discuss “Star Wars” and it’s legacy. I’d like to thank Matt for joining me as my permanent cohost, and I would like to thank Mr. Jack Furman for his artwork for our MP3 Cover Art! Enjoy our new show!

Music By: EROCK – Star Wars Meets Metal

The video Matt was discussing concerning the Jar Jar Sith Lord:

PSB Ep. 15 “Shiny Butt”

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 15 “Shiny Butt”

My buddy Ferg and I speak of night life, vegetarian food, Star Wars crap, Fargo TV Series, sharks in the Potomac, Ray Charles, Land of Talk, and Sound Effects Processors. We call Kanye, Kim, and Caitlin, and Freddy Krueger comes to visit. Enjoy!!

Music by: Zerbitron – Summer Memories – (Summer 83 – Guitar Practice)

PSB Ep. 6 “Grow Up!”

DOWNLOAD: Please Stand By Ep. 6 “GROW UP!”

This week Sean speaks of our fun he had in our first major snow, and then I spoke of my wife’s birthday gift. We threw in some expletives… well Sean threw in the expletives. And again our humor is childish and filthy. Seemed appropriate to title this episode: GROW UP!!

Music Courtesy of George P. – Din Radio

The FlipCam video we spoke of. Please forgive my shaky hands. Don’t get dizzy.