SW-OTR Ep. 4 “Escape – Three Skeleton Key”

DOWNLOAD: SW-OTR Ep. 4 “Escape – Three Skeleton Key”

Skully has finally gotten to Vincent Price. But not from “The Price of Fear”, but from “Escape”. Special thanks to Mr. Matt Lappie for his help in finding such a gruesome tale! Enjoy!

SW-OTR Ep. 3 “Lights Out – Chicken Heart”

DOWNLOAD: SW-OTR Ep. 3 “Lights Out – Chicken Heart”

Welcome to episode 3 of “Spider Webs – OTR”. Tonight Skully drips all over all floor as he plays you the most classic of OTR’s, “Lights Out – Chicken Heart”. Listen how a simple scientific test results in a HUGE mistake! Beware of the Chicken Heart!

Commercials: Current Geek and The Canman Show.

SW-OTR Ep. 2 “Beyond Midnight – The Man Who Sold His Soul”

DOWNLOAD: SW-OTR Ep. 2 “Beyond Midnight – The Man Who Sold His Soul”

In the words of your host, Skully Jones:
“It’s not a good idea to sell something so precious. Young Sir Dominic was spending way to much time with gambling, booze, and women to care. Poor soul… Bwaaaaahahahahaaaaa!!!”