C&K Ep. Greecian Earned Easter

Welcome to Ep. 5 of “The CAIT ‘n KEV Show“! This Easter Eve recording happened months ago, but the show had been slow to edit due to illness, surgery, and time restraintsMany days later, the epic visit with Kozani, Greece, and Roanoke, Virginia, has been earned with such happiness and love… Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD HERE: The Cait ‘n KEV Show Ep. 5 “Greecian Earned Easter”

C&K Show Ep. 4 “Our Journey”

Welcome to Ep. 4 of The CAIT ‘n KEV Show. Tonight, we discussed Dr. Phil, Plants ‘n Zombies, Our Journeys, and The Sound of Music, then we will tell you some terrible Dad Jokes. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD HERE: The C&K Show Ep. 4 “Our Journey”

C&K Show Ep. 2 “Baby Farms”


In the episode; Caitlyn discusses her infantry babies, and I discuss the Double R Bar Burger. And as I discuss yard sales, Cait discusses her cough when her ear itches. Then we are discussed-ted. 

DOWNLOAD HERE: The CAIT ‘n KEV Show Ep. 2 “Baby Farms”

ZLL Ep. 2 “Spring Dock at Midnite”

Welcome to episode 2 of “Zerb’s Lakeside Lullabies”. These recordings of the outdoors may be used for relaxation, sleep, study, or just plain listening. Enjoy being lakeside looking up at the beautiful moon whilst in your hammock, and being lulled to sleep with waves hitting the dock at midnite.

DOWNLOAD HERE: ZLL Ep. 2 “Spring Lakeside Dock Midnite”

C&K Ep. 1 “Recorded It”

Please do enjoy “The Cait ‘n Kev Show”! We decided to try to make you guys laugh as best as we can. We record this for posterity, memories, and giggles ‘n shits. If you wish to participate with us, send your questions and comments about anything to: instrumentally@gmail.com

DOWNLOAD HERE: The Cait ‘n KEV Show Ep. 1 “Recorded It”