JL Ep. 3 Music and Stories LIVE

Welcome to episode 3 of “Jack’s Lantern”! Do to the fact I haven’t had time again to get with Matt and record, I decided to make up for it by performing music and stories LIVE on Facebook at 9:30pm, 10.22.21. In that 40 minutes of entertainment, I thought… record this and make it ep. three.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Jack’s Lantern Ep. 3 “Music and Stories LIVE”


Zerbitron’s Graffiti

Please help yourself to “Zerbitron’s Graffiti” now available for download in regular and in “Cassette Emulated Version”! Enjoy! www.zerbitron.bandcamp.com

Thanks for listening!

PSB Ep. 64 “Sproing”

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DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 64 “Sproing”


SSPP Ep. 4 “Zerbitron Party”


DOWNLOAD: SSPP Ep. 4 Zerbitron Party

Welcome to the release party for my “Zerbitron – Spring Memories” album! Join the crowd as we play a total of 8 songs; 2 songs from each Zerbitron album! Play this loud and proud as I celebrate the completion of the seasonal section of Zerbitron! Enjoy!

Get the albums here:
Zerbintron Bandcamp Logo


Zerbitron – “Spring Memories”

Zerbintron Bandcamp Logo

I am excited to have finished the seasonal section of the “Zerbitron” albums. Here is the fourth albums titled “Spring Memories”. This album covers the moments of Spring’s past from 1980 to 1989. Each song represents a moment in those years of which we lived as free spirited children running through life without limits. I hope you enjoy those moments with me.