“Couple’s Christmas” Album 2022

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This album is dedicated to all the couples who’ve made 2022 much more manageable through their kindness, hope, and faith. I truly hope you enjoy all this love as well.
Thank you and Merry Merry!!!


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The album is playable and downloadable below in MP3 format. Enjoy!

C&K Ep. 10 “Captured Sound”

YES, I SKIPPED #9!!! and Welcome to the CAIT ‘n KEV Show Ep. 10!
Sean was wrong! Cait ‘n I made this episode by September! Listen to that and a bunch of other fun arguments, along with sounds to entice your mind and soul. Oh, and not to mention that we recorded this in July er nuffin. Sorry so late.
Please visit my buddy Sean: www.alldutchpods.com 
Also, find his sounds here: www.capturedsound.com
Enjoy the show!!

DOWNLOAD HERE: The CAIT ‘n KEV Show Ep. 10 “Captured Sound”

C&K Ep. 6 “Thought Hike”

Welcome to episode 6 of “The CAIT ‘n KEV Show”! In this ep; Caitlyn and I discuss how I met Cait and her Mom, and then we trail through about 30 different topics until we finally end on the song I proposed to Shelly with.

DOWNLOAD HERE: C&K Ep. 6 “Thought Hike”